The Kyoto beaten gold workshop "Goldream" is a studio specialized in gold leaf stamping. "Gold leaf stamping" is a technique renowned for its use in Kyoto-style Buddhist altars and Kyoto-style Buddhist ritual implements. We use this method to stamp gold onto real leather, thus honoring one of its special traits: namely, its elegant representation of Kyoto. The name GOLDREAM is composed of the words GOLD + DREAM, therefore referring to a "Gold Leaf Dream." At the moment, our gold leaf dreams of being able to get closer to you all by adding its special touch to modern-day products. 
This is our brand's philosophy.

We handle gold leaf which is one ten-thousandths millimeters of a fraction thin, with abundant care so as to keep it aligned. This traditional technique was born from Kyoto, and we are now applying it onto leather. We take note of the weather while we work, and depending on it we change subtle aspects of the process as the days go by. We have been bold enough to apply this artisan craft onto fashion items. Gold leaf is noticeably brighter than all other traditional artisan materials, and elegantly expresses the soul of Kyoto, with its glittering but still subtle beauty. We manufacture each product one by one, carefully, and we hope they will be enjoyed by a great number of people who love gold leaf.